Adaptagen Elixir - Single Bottle

Adaptagen Elixir - Single Bottle

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Stress happens. How you deal with it is up to you — and Mother Nature. Combat the negative effects of stress the natural way with our nutrient-rich Adaptogen Elixir made from the best ingredients our planet has to offer.

  • Calm the chaos. Made with a powerful adaptogen and botanical blend designed to help both the mind and body adapt to stress.*
  • Bring back your sparkle. Sparkling kombucha tea helps balance your body naturally.
  • Hello, bright eyes. Adaptogen Elixir helps fight fatigue and improve mental clarity.
  • Always adapting. Use daily for best results, including on Cleanse Days.
  • Good for you and good for the Earth with a 100% recyclable glass bottle.
  • Do not shake. Best enjoyed chilled.
The time-tested relaxation adaptogen used throughout the world.

Manage the impact of physical and mental stress with this versatile adaptogen.

Also known as the endurance adaptogen, schisandra fights physical fatigue.

A healing herb that keeps the immune system strong.

Eleuthero root
Better focus and improved cognitive function, all thanks to this naturally occurring botanical.

Sparkling kombucha tea
Keeps the body balanced and feeling its best.